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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands

Holistic Learning: We view your child as a whole person and take into account every part of the learner's development and wellbeing. We pay close attention to children's social-emotional, physical, creative and cognitive growth and character development. Our curriculum, therefore, supports children to be active agents in their own learning and development so that they learn to love learning, thinking and creatively finding solutions to the problems they and others face.

Carrying Pencil


Lifelong Learning: Children’s learning is not limited to specific activities or the classroom. It happens everywhere and at all times and every situation and moment is a chance to learn something newOur unique role is to recognize these moments and boost their learning opportunities because children learn best when it is applicable to their own lives and personal experiences. 


Teachers matter: We recognize teachers as educators, not as babysitters, and as experts in their field. The curriculum is only as good as the teacher teaching it, so all our teachers are well-trained in research-based methods and engage in ongoing teacher training and development to deliver quality education. Their role is to encourage, support and guide children while maintaining a high level of independence, creativity and professionalism.

Wellbeing & Safety

Play-based learning: Active Play is the most natural and motivating way for children to learn. It’s also very healthy. Through this, we observe our learner's talents, skills, interests, social interactions and peer relationships.

Collaborative Learning: Knowledge is socially constructed, which means that children learn through their relationships with others. We emphasize the importance of learning together in group activities under the guidance and instruction of trusted adults (teachers). 

Explorative Learning: Children learn through guided experimentation, and this is achieved by completing projects. “Project-based learning,” or “inquiry-based learning,” is part of our educational approach involving a joint effort between children and teachers.

Inspiring Learning Environment: Our exquisite learning hub plays an important role in children’s learning experience. Research proves that the physical space can change your brain by affecting behaviour, thoughts, emotions and wellbeing. Our well-designed and clean spaces serve many purposes and support the health, safety and well-being of children and teachers alike.

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