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Hi man. When I extracetd your sub mod into the data folder of Third_Age_3 folder, during the extraction, an error occured and I couldn't finish the extraction.. I installed MOS using the download links provided on TW center and posted in 11 December 2013 by the user Veteraan (it is just below the first 2012 post of the user Hero of the West). These download links are:1) Media Fire MOS 1.7 Full install File ( +full+version+1.70.rar) which will be named "MOS full version 1.70.rar" as an archived file.2)MOS 1.70 all inclusive patch ( !jkkViIoC!FOAm-M1_Yc_UQUOXFd4yOdCIyd6nZ1fzOQH4YWm7xA4) which has the same name as the rar file. NOTE that it is not named "MOS 1.70 all inclusive patch 01-04" (which actually you point out in the description of your sub-mod and which most people have I guess).Additionally, I tried another to install your sub-mod a few months back using the download files which probably most people have (MOS full version 1.70.rar; MOS 1.70 all inclusive patch 01-04; Dwarven Halberdmen hotfix) and it still didn't work. But I don't remember if I used the alternative link version or the original one (most likely the original one).Help?


Download File:



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