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Windows 7 Professional 64 Bits !!HOT!!

Hello, i have a question. I am running windows 10 enterprise, 64bit on my thinkpad t480. It has 32GB of ram and 500GB SSD. It is very slow when trying to do tasks and it never uses more than 15% of the memory. Is there a way to use more ram for tasks/programs? Thanks

Windows 7 professional 64 bits

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open run command by pressing windows key+R at the same time then type in msconfig go to boot options from the top tab then look for advanced click on it you will see the number of cores of your processor and amount of ram your computer is using maximize the memory and then restart you will feel the effects you can also check it in my this pc properties

Windows 7 has various editions so that different demands of users can be fulfilled. Each edition has its characteristics. You can make your choice after reading the brief introduction to these editions. Then download Windows 7 disc images in searching for the specific version on the website

Windows 7 Professional: It is designed for professionals and small business. Most features of this edition can meet small business requirements. It has all premium features including networking.

Experience better graphics, touch support, etc. with the Windows Aero Interface. It also brings translucent windows and many other features that make Windows 7 user-friendly and flexible. This design language comes with innovations like Aero Peek, Aero Snap, and Aero Shake.

The best way to free up disk space is to delete old backup images with its Backup Scheme feature. It is available on the professional version at least. To unlock it, please upgrade to AOMEI Backupper Professional.


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