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The LUV Affair - Real Story Telugu Movie Download 720p

This makes Gauthum start writing again and he writes a story that takes place in Yellandu. The protagonist Srinu is a union leader in the coal mines and is married to Suvarna unwillingly and the couple has a 5-year old son. The newly appointed officer, Ms. Smitha gets close to Srinu, unaware that he is married. Srinu does not disclose his marital status either and starts to avoid his own wife Suvarna. Suvarna suspects that her husband is having an extra-marital affair but doesn't confront him. Instead, she decides to pursue her career. She tops her examinations and it is published in the local newspaper, causing Smitha realise that Srinu is married, that too with a son. Srinu upon rushing home finds Suvarna in a modern dress. She tells him that she'll be whatever he wants her to be, including wearing revealing clothes and make-up. All this made Srinu understand his mistake and go back to loving his wife. The story ends with a note from Gautham saying that Srinu sacrificed everything to be with his wife.

The LUV Affair - Real Story telugu movie download 720p

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