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Teens Spreding

Meta announced its anti-sextortion plans in November as part of a broader crackdown against "suspicious" adults messaging teens. The project is a follow-up to the StopNCII technology the company developed to fight revenge porn, and shares a similar implementation. This is the latest in a string of efforts to protect teens on Meta's social networks. The company already limits sensitive content for teen Instagram users and restricts ads targeting young audiences, for instance.

teens spreding

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Recently, we connected with the Joy4All Project and Ripple Kindness Project to extend our reach to inspire more teens to help their communities across the globe. Teaming up with our local Court House, we are currently working with Students Speak Up For Kids to help foster children feel more at home by collecting new and gently used board games. We joined the message for Students Speak Up For Kids because we wanted to support fellow kids in our community with the help of donations from classmates. 041b061a72


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