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How Premer Kahini Became a Hit Bengali Movie with Dev and Koyel Mullick

ravi kinnagi, the main protagonist of the film premer kahini and a successful theatre director, is a stage artist who gets into trouble after showing his film for a cheap gain. kinnagi is a young educated man with his own point of view and is against the predominant trend of his time. this is a story of a young man and his struggle to be different from the norm and live his life as an independent man. the story is pure entertainment and is an honest depiction of an average indian middle class family that is hit by a tragedy which forces them to rethink their whole life. the film shows kinnagi's struggle to maintain his integrity while simultaneously searching for truth.

Premer Kahini Bengali Movie 11

sushant kumar has acted in over 300 movies, starred in many blockbusters, and was one of the most popular and talented actors in the country. he was a versatile actor, playing an array of characters from hero to villain and a brilliant comedienne, playing some of the most hilarious roles. he has acted in over 100 films, and has received many awards for his work. he is best known for his role in abhimaan, in which he played a boy who pretends to be blind, but is actually very intelligent.

ravi kinnagi is an intelligent young man. he writes, directs and edits his films himself and even writes the screenplay. he has the guts to pack in newcomers and jeet made his strikingly successful debut in saathi directed by harnatha chakrobarty. he puts in a lot of action and fight scenes, song and dance numbers inspired by popular hindi masala and generally has a storyline that makes for a wonderful recipe of a family drama the kinnagi way. kinnagi is also a metaphor for the widening of the geographical canvas of bengali cinema because he belongs to orissa though he has now made kolkata is home. other stalwarts and newcomers from the orissa film industry and actors from bengal are happily changing places between cinema of the two states, making for a stable marriage between the otherwise unfriendly but similar cultures. shot on an astounding budget of rs.2.5 crores, the best thing about the film is that a major portion of the film has been shot against picturesque backdrops of beautiful locations of bangalore, sakaleshpura, melukote and jog falls. [3]


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