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Air Force |VERIFIED|

Looking to challenge yourself and improve both your physical fitness and mental toughness? Reach your fitness goals and pass the air force physical fitness test with military workouts and exercise tips to get Air Force fit.

air force

Looking to join one of Americas elite fighting forces? Learn everything you need to know about joining the United States Air Force. Find out what you can expect when you join the Air Force, information on Air Force jobs, and physical fitness standards to get you started with a successful career as an airmen.

The Air Force's RDT&E request is $36.2B, a $2.3B increase over the FY23Enacted position, funding capabilities which support nuclear modernizationand in turn, deter strategic attacks against the United States, our allies,and partners. The RDT&E request for the Space Force is $19.2B, whichrepresents a $2.6B, or 16% increase over the FY23 enacted position. Thisbudget pivots toward resilient architectures and embodies an integrateddeterrence approach establishing the Space Force's ability to operate in a highly contested environment.The Department continues to heavily invest in advanced capabilitiessupporting integrated deterrence ensuring that our collective systemsprovide an advantage over any potential adversaries' collective means. TheFY24 Procurement request is $35.4B; a $1.2B increase over FY23 Enacted. Forthe Air Force, this budget adds $1B to grow the F-35A fighter fleet by 48 aircraft.It adds $518M to procure 15 KC-46 for continued tanker recapitalization and$317M for 24 F-15 E/Xs.Operation and Maintenance is the largest appropriation making up 36% or$78.5B of the overall Department budget. O&M funds daily operations criticalto sustaining readiness, building resiliency, and enhancing the Department'swartime posture. The $2.8B in growth from FY23 Enacted is largely driven byadditional investments in people, Weapon System Sustainment, and Installation Support. The Department of the Air Force's Military Personnel request is $42.1B.Total Military End Strength for FY24 is 512,100 military members, whichincludes Air Force Active, Guard and Reserve Airmen, and Space Force ActiveGuardians. Airmen and Guardians will receive a 5.2% military pay raise,along with a 4.2% increase to the Basic Allowance for Housing and a 3.4%increase to the Basic Allowance for Subsistence accounts to help alleviateincreased housing and living costs.The Military Construction and Family Housing request is $3.8B. It funds 51projects in 17 states and 8 overseas locations, including nearly $1.1B for18 weapon system bed-down projects across 8 installations. This budgetrequest continues to display the Department's commitment to take care of theforce and their families while also focusing investments on modern weaponsystems bed-downs and critical infrastructure investments for increasedglobal warfighter capabilities. 041b061a72


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