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Download the Latest and Trending Watch Faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is absolutely worth the $40 price tag. It's once again the best cheap fitness tracker you can buy, hands down. Our app is fully compatible with it and even supports direct sync of watch faces.

We are smart watch and fitness band enthusiasts and we develop the best apps and watch faces for fitness bands and smart watches. Currently we have apps for Mi Band 6, Mi Band 5 and Amazfit GT3 Series smart watches. More coming soon!

mi band 6 watch faces download


Free Download Mi Band 6 Watch Faces Premium MOD Version Unlocked Ad-Free APK for Android Phones and Tablets. It offers beautiful and aesthetically pleasing watch faces for Xiaomi Mi Band 6 fitness bands.

This is for Android and offers users a wide range of customization options. With various designs to choose from and the ability to create your watch s, the Mi Band 6 is an excellent device for those who want to personalize their wearable experience. Be sure to keep your android version and Mi Fit app updated to enjoy the features of the watch faces.

Mi Band 6 Watch Faces owns a collection of watch faces with more than 500 models, so users will have countless options to change the look of their Mi Band 6. Instead of letting their smartwatch stay the same boring screen style, users can transform it into whatever style they want. With all kinds of exciting themes such as Cartoons, Anime, Sports, Fashion, Nature, Animals, and abstract art, users are sure to find the type of watch face they want here. . Importantly, users will never have to worry about running out of watch face models, because Mi Band 6 Watch Faces is constantly updating with new models every week to ensure that they provide users with the best possible solutions. Best watch face.

Watch Faces & Mi Band is an app that allows you to easily browse and install a large collection of community-driven watch faces with just one click. You can find new watch faces being added every week to choose from.

In addition to the Mi Band 7, the app is also compatible with the Mi Band 6, Mi Band 5, and the Mi Band 4. The app allows you to search for watch faces using keywords, filter them based on features and language, sort them in a way that best suits you, and even create a separate list of your favorites.

The App-Manager is divided in three tabs. Left to right from the screenshots: Apps in cache (i.e. apps you've installed via Gadgetbridge, but which you also might have uninstalled meanwhile; Gadgetbridge keeps them in its cache until you explicitly remove them from there), Installed apps Gadgetbridge knows about (i.e. system apps and those you've installed yourself via Gadgetbridge), and Installed watchfaces (again those shipped with your watch and those you've installed yourself via Gadgetbridge). With FW 3.x Gadgetbridge cannot know anything about apps or watchfaces you've installed by other means (e.g. using the official Pebble app, or using another Android device), as this firmware offers no way to query that information: the official Pebble app manages that via the cloud.


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