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Our Philosophy


The WIT Schools was founded with one purpose - to build a space for all students to grow, learn and create with each passing day. We help students develop academically and personally to the highest level through a unique teaching approach and a genuinely passionate staff.  Our curriculum focuses on transversal skills rather than academic skills because they are the foundation of all lifelong learning. It equips our learners to be armed with the knowledge, values and competencies needed for the next generation of change-makers and leaders. Transversal skills include one’s knowledge, values, attitudes and will. It is also the ability to apply specific knowledge and skills as needed in any situation. 

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To be recognised as a highly reputable school providing high-quality education and innovative learning with a progressive curriculum that equips learners with transversal and creative skills that promote collaboration, individuality, and multiple intelligence development. 



To educate, nurture and inspire the next generation of leaders, creative thinkers and change-makers through Wisdom Intelligence Training (WIT). 


  • Discipline & Diligence

  • Socio-emotional  and Empathy

  • Diligence & Excellence 

  • Respect & Patience

  • Self-confidence & God-fearing

  • Honesty & Emotional intelligence

  • Wisdom, Intelligence and Training.

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