Competence-based Class Groups

One of our unique approaches to innovative learning is our competence-based class groups. Unlike most test-based schools where children are assigned to a class based on their age, we promote collaborative learning. Children of various ages are classified and enrolled in the same learning group (class) based on their academic and socioemotional competence than their age. So, for example, if a 5-year-old meets the Intelligence level milestones we set for him or her during assessment and enrolling, he or she can be placed in a Grade 1 or 2 class group. This collaborative and competency-based approach motivates brilliant and gifted learners to stay competitively and continually challenged throughout their academic journey, while also motivating struggling pupils to work hard and aim to achieve their full potential and make learning a joyful and fulfilling journey.  

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Class Groups

DOLPHINS:  0 to 1 year (Nursery)

ORCAS: 2 to 3 years (Pre-K)

SHARKS: 4 to 5 years (Pre-primary)

PENGUINS: 6 to 7 years (Grade 1-3) 

WHALES: 8 to 10 years (Grade 4 - 6)

OCTOPUSES: (Grade 7-9)

New students are assessed based on CDC and international intelligence and competency milestones to measure the child's strengths, weaknesses, and potential and assign the most suitable class or learning group for the child. Our exceptional teaching specialist then begins a 1 to 2 term to either boost their high performances (for the brightest and most promising students) or create an individualised support plan for our low-performing students. That child is enrolled back into a befitting class group.


Our innovative teaching best practices ensure that NO CHILD IS LEFT BEHIND. 

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Nursery & Playgroup

Our Nursery and Playgroup is ideal for children under 2 to encourage and nurture their creativity and curiosity as our youngest learners. Play is the most natural and motivating way for children to learn. We emphasise joyful learning, free and guided play, reading,  storytelling, sensory activities, and outdoor activities are encouraged throughout this group's activities to enrich their explorative learning by offering suitable materials, opportunities, and environments and to observe children's skills, interests, social interactions and peer relationships. Our play-based learning areas are clean, well-lit, carpeted and with a strict "no shoe policy" which keeps our learners safe and healthy. Our enrolment is all year round for the nursery.

We accept toddlers from 6 months to 12 months. Our Nursery pedagogy is based on the HEI Finnish model of early education as well as our Founders' innovative educational philosophy and approach.

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Introducing our parents and learners to Finland's high-quality early childhood education as the first of its kind in Ghana, our Preschool provide outstanding facilities and excellent teachers who are both knowledgable, caring and passionate, including big, well-lit, well-equipped classrooms and speciality sports music, and art facilities. There is ample room inside and outside the school for children to learn and play safely, with separate play spaces for different age groups. We strive to establish a stimulating and compassionate atmosphere in which all students can achieve their full potential and, as a result, improve their skills and competence in all aspects of life. We do not compromise on teaching all our students to have both character and academic excellence with our intelligent teachers who understands that every child is a

Genius waiting to be discovered. Our enrolment is all year round for preschool. 

Our preschool curriculum is specially designed to offer a play-based learning approach which develops the whole child --based on the British EYFS and Finnish HEI curricula. 

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Our Primary & Junior school classrooms comprise small class group sizes of less than 20, which keeps learners engaged and help them develop a lifelong perspective on learning. We have weekly quizzes, games and inquiry-based projects, interactive virtual learning and more. In addition, our 21st century

INNOVATIVE LEARNING approach at The WIT School sets learners up with a solid foundation for their future study both locally and internationally, regardless of the school or curriculum they transition to.

Our Junior school section caters for students between 6 and 14 years of age. Our curriculum contains eight subjects, including Philosophy, Languages and Cultural competence, with an intensive ESL program for international non-English speaking students.

We also have a wide range of co-curricular and academic enrichment programs during weekends and vacations. Enrolment is opened in the August of each academic year.

We offer a fun and challenging innovative curriculum based on British, Finnish and GES Curricula approach.

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