Joyful learning, Intelligence & Creativity 

Our hybrid WIT curriculum is a world-class scientific and research-based educational programs from Finland (HEI), British EYFS and GES National curricula for preschool and primary respectively. It is carefully designed by our expert educationists to educate and nurture children holistically (creativity, socioemotional, critical thinking, physiological and cognitive skills) to ensure that children can easily transition into other schools who offer other international curriculum. Our SMART Curriculum includes core subjects like Science, Math, Arts, Research and Technology. Other elective subjects include philosophy (to build curiosity), languages like Latin (foundation for ESL), French, German and Akan. We are a Christian-based school and therefore we teach biblical principles of Wisdom, Intelligence and Training (WIT)

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Creative Arts

Art is life. Children through various forms of fine and performing arts express their creativity and sharpen their motor skills

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Physical Education (PE)

Physical movements and sports activities including football, swimming, aerobics, yoga, etc are taught by trained instructors

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Learning how to play musical instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, violin etc makes our learners creative and disciplined

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Literacy (reading, writing, oracy) is the foundation of learning. Our students learn to speak English, French, Spanish, Akan and  Chinese using books, songs and plays.

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Maths & Science

Children have so many questions about the world and how it works. Math and science education helps them to critically think to find answers and solutions to problems.

STEM Education

Through our robust STEM education, all our learners are well equipped with 21st-century skills to become the next generation of creative thinkers through ICT. 

Our 8 pedagogical Pillars

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