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Admission process

To begin the admission process, kindly read the information below and click the link to complete the form online or download the PDF.


How to Apply: The WIT School is now accepting applications for the upcoming academic year, from June 2023 until August 2024. Prospective students must use our convenient online application system to apply for admission. If online forms cannot be accessed, applicants can download the form, complete it offline, and then submit the scanned PDF to the admissions office at or deliver it to the Administrator at our campus. Our office operates from Monday to Friday, between 7:30 am and 5:00 pm.

Assessment tests: Our admission process is comprehensive and considers various factors, including the applicant's personal qualities, developmental milestones, academic aptitude, and individual requirements. As part of the assessment, each applicant will be evaluated in Literacy and Numeracy except for the Daycare and Nursery (ages 3mo to 3yrs). 

Offer letter: Parents of successful applicants who meet our admission criteria will receive written notification by email, which may fall within these three categories (acceptance, rejection or placed on the waiting list).  The email will include important details, such as the child's assigned class, school ID number, prospectus, school fees, and other important information.


Payment of fees: It is vital that all fees, including the enrolment fee and academic term fee, are paid promptly upon accepting the admission offer. Payment must be completed 14 days after receiving the offer letter. Partial payment of fees may not be permitted, and failure to meet the deadline may result in the forfeiture of the admission slot. 


Orientation: After completing the admission process and fee payment, students and parents will be invited to an orientation session at an agreed-upon date and time. During this event, participants will receive valuable information about school policies, take a campus tour, and meet their class teachers. We eagerly anticipate welcoming new students and their families to TWS.


NB: Kindly note that due to limited slots and a teacher ratio of 12:1, our highly competitive and rigorous admission process is strictly granted on a first come, first served basis, and where the child and family has met all the necessary admission requirements, subject to the availability of vacancy in the child's assigned class. 

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