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Application form

Download and fill out the school application form (which attracts a $100 fee) to be paid upon submission of the form at the school. Then, contact our admissions office by call/text/Whatsapp on +233209633192 for our school fees schedule for preschool and primary or download it.  



  1. Fill out the application form to begin enrollment and pay the corresponding fee.

  2. Parents and children will be scheduled for an interview and a tour (either virtually on Zoom or in-person on campus) once the form is received, 

  3. The school will send an official acceptance letter, including the school fees invoice, to parents/guardians after the interview.

  4. Pay school fees in full or per the payment option either by cash, cheque, MOMO or bank transfer no later than the specified dates to guarantee the child's place. 

  5. The child officially starts school, and parents are given a parent's handbook and meet to have an initial discussion with the child's assigned class teacher.

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