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 Accepting Applications now!



Due to our small class sizes, the vast volumes of applications we receive each year, and our robust admission process, parents are advised to apply early, preferably in January, April and August, to secure a slot for their ward. Kindly request a copy of our school brochure, which contains full details on registering your ward for our Preschool and Primary. 

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Admission Process

Click on the link below to complete the application form to start your child's academic journey. Our enrolment journey has six distinct steps subject to availability and the age of your young genius, so apply early. Contact our admissions office by call/text/Whatsapp at +233209633192 for our school fees schedule for preschool and primary.  


  1. The 2023/24 academic year fee structure will be effective from August 1, 2023, subject to review on July 1, 2024.

  2. There are three academic terms in a year. The term fee comprises the tuition fees.

  3. All new students are given a place for at least one academic year, i.e. three terms.

  4. All new students pay only 50% of the termly tuition fees for the first term. 

  5. Drop-off starts at 7:00 am and pickup at 3:30 pm with extended hours options.

  6. We offer afterschool programs, weekend clubs and vacation camps to all families.

  7. Co-curricular activities like Tennis, ballet, swimming and coding/robotics are offered.

  8. The academic fee covers tuition, sports, STEM, and stationery expenses.

  9. Shuttle service and Lunch fees are billed termly based on the number of weeks in a term.

  10. Transport fees are determined based on the learner's transport route.

  11. Fees may be discounted depending on the number of siblings on a roll.

  12. Before mid-term breaks, please ensure that termly tuition fees are paid in full.

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