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Holistic Education & Excellent Character

As a 21st-century school, we promote an innovative approach to teaching and learning that equips and empowers our learners to see the relationships and interdependencies between the subjects studied at school and how they relate to life. At TWS, we believe every child is a genius waiting to be discovered through wisdom and intelligence training. This multidisciplinary approach allows them to link the knowledge and skills from different disciplines, structure their learning into meaningful entities, and develop creative ways to learn collaboratively. Our unique curriculum develops the cognitive, socioemotional, communication and transversal competencies through a rigorous but joyful student-centred approach to pedagogy and assessments. Our guiding principles for character building are based on Godly values such as discipline, diligence, respect, loyalty, truth, kindness, empathy and faith, where students are trained to become conscientious, competent and globally competitive citizens. 


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For Preschool | Primary | Secondary

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Ages  4 mo -12mo

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Ages 1 - 5

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For ages 6-11

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For ages 12 -15

We are the first & only school in Ghana and West Africa certified to implement Finland's education system

(No.1 in the world)


Innovative Curriculum

Our uniquely designed WIT curriculum incorporates the Finnish Model of Education and the new GES and British national curriculum delivered through 21st-century innovative teaching and learning approach from highly qualified and university-trained teachers and experts with international training and experience in early years, primary and secondary education.  

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Finnish Curriculum

The purpose of our innovative and expertly researched HEI curriculum by Finnish educators from University of Helsinki provides an individualised competence-based model of education which promotes transversal skills development, life-long learning, academic excellence, holistic character development and well-being of all learners. Our goal is to teach and lead students to learn for life and not for tests through explorative, play-based and project-based learning across all grade levels. 


National Curriculum

The GES curriculum incorporates a unique approach to fundamental skills training in the 4Rs of Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic and cReativity. It is expected that at any point of exit from a formal education, all learners should be equipped with these foundational skills for life, which are also similar to the Finnish model. Through this rigorous standards-based curriculum, learners gain conscientiousness and purposeful learners as well as digital literates, critical thinkers and problem solvers


British Curriculum

As a literacy-based school, we have a keen interest in making sure that all our students are highly competent in English literacy -reading, writing and oracy skills. The OAK Curriculum we use stresses on creativity and flexibility and independent thinking for learners to thrive both academically and later in life. Subjects are measurable, achievable and challenging for learners to consistently develop thier cognitive, collaborative, communication and critical thinking skills.

Our Values

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Our Education Philosophy

To educate and nurture lifelong learners who are globally competitive academically and have superior wisdom, intelligence and character. We believe in the principle of multiple intelligences and work towards educating and nurturing the potential in all our learners, leaving no child behind. Our pillars, Wisdom, Intelligence, Training (WIT), encompass everything we do. Our young geniuses are inspired to be lifelong learners who grow to embrace their uniqueness, creativity and curiosity.

What Parents Think

“Although I knew fairly well how special my boy was, I never truly saw his potential until he joined the WIT family. Since then, he's become confident both in his academic and social life - and for that I'm truly grateful."

Kweku's mom

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